Friday, June 10, 2011

Use These Mockups: Lots of Design Patterns in Balsamiq Mockups (BMML) format

For those of you that use Balsamiq Mockups, here are a bunch of templates I created that you might find handy.
Download them all in one ZIP file (90KB).

I find myself re-using many of these elements when I design applications (especially the boring/tedious/must-have features, like Forgot Password, Sign In, 404 page). Enjoy!

The following mockups are included in the ZIP file:

Home Pages
Home Page, Members Only Mockup
Home Page, Downloadable Product Mockup
Feature Tour
Feature Tour Mockup
Pricing, Upgrade, Downgrade
Pricing Page Mockup
Upgrade & Downgrade Mockup
Upgrade "Thank You" E-mail Mockup
Read-Only List of Items
Read Only List of Items Mockup
Editable List of Items
Editable List of Items Mockup
Add Item Mockup
Edit Item and Delete Item Mockup

Invite Friends
Invite Friends Mockup
Invite Friends Via E-mail Mockup (Popup)

Settings / My Account Page
Settings / My Account Page Mockup
Sign In
Sign In Page Mockup

Sign In Popup Mockup
Forgot Password Process
Forgot Password Page Mockup
Password Reset Email Mockup
Reset Password Page Mockup
404 Page Mockup
Log / History Page Mockup
Downloading Page Mockup
Windows System Tray Mockup
Windows Tour Mockup

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